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Review Exhibitor List 2018


AdFlow-Systems GmbH

AdFlow Systems provides the leading workflow solution for print and online media production and helps to reduce costs and consolidate IT environments by using sophisticated apps and outsourcing tools. This year, AdFlow Systems takes a great step forward and connects its proven software suite to Google’s Advertising Network:
Just book your online ad, AdFlow automatically sets up the order in DFP and carries out the necessary steps. AdFlow also provides tools for inventory check and targeting.

A&F Computersysteme AG

Since its foundation over 30 years ago, A&F Computersysteme AG has been involved in the technical production of publications. The owner-operated system integrator, based in Lucerne, Switzerland, has established a leading position in the Swiss market and is also supporting clients in thirteen European countries. A&F offers solutions for multichannel publishing, workflow and brand management, as well as product information and digital asset management systems.

alfa Media Partner GmbH

alfa Media provides practice-oriented application solutions for media houses. The spectrum covers all relevant publishing processes from ad order-acceptance and processing to CRM, Customer Self Service, newsroom management, editing, sales, product planning and production as well as mobile applications for smartphones and tablets. Always taking the complete picture of a publishing house into account, all alfa Media modules are fully integrated within the common system structure of alfa OpenMedia.

AntiAdblock.com, s.r.o.

We help publishers to regain the ability to display ads to users with an ad block and support them in keeping their services free for all users. We support them in boosting their revenues from advertising with bypassing most known ad blockers.

Anygraaf Oy

Tools for subscription, content access, carrier, route, and mailroom management.

Neo by Anygraaf provides a single console for planning, producing and sharing content across channels. Our tools, apps and systems help to increase collaboration and reader engagement and maintain revenue across channels.

AProfit ad system has been designed for complete management of ad business. It enables an efficient control of ad customers (CRM) with versatile reports for supporting the business.

asioso GmbH

As a digital agency from Munich, we offer strategic, professional knowledge and many years of experience in the digital business with internationally recognized project management and leadership certifications. We are innovative, creative and possess a technological competence with which we support companies to convey messages emotionally and functionally to their customers. With Single Source Publishing, CMS, MAM, PIM, E-Commerce and the cooperation with important partners we convince.


Atex is a global software company providing solutions to the media industry.Our platforms are based on future proof technology and provide innovative approaches for news organisations to produce content efficiently, manage advertising and reach their audiences and targets on any channel. Content. Assets. Digital. Print. Mobile. Advertising. Cloud.

B2B Insider GmbH

Your online marketing partner, B2B Insider specializes in qualitative marketing strategies and the generation of B2B leads. As a longtime expert in B2B marketing in the HR industry, our clients have counted our support for many years now. In the experienced hands of our online marketing specialists, your campaigns will turn out a great success.

CCI Europe A/S

Visit the CCI and Escenic stand at B.09 in Hall 21b and get inspired on how to innovate your content. Experience a full demo of CUE and speak with experts within integrated newsrooms and digital transformation. CUE is the content creation platform for a constantly changing media environment, designed in close collaboration with leading media corporations such as WeltN24, McClatchy, Rossel and JP/Politikens Hus. CUE is developed to match the current and future needs of the digital-first newsroom.

Cleverclip GmbH

The world is complicated enough.
We make it a little simpler.
With explainer videos, e-Trainings, apps, infographics, graphic recordings and many more

Content Marketing Forum e.V.

The CMF represents the common interests of the leading content marketing agencies in the German-speaking countries. At more than 110 member companies it is Europe’s largest industry association in this media discipline. As an industry association the CMF represents a marketing branch that turns over around 7 billion Euros per annum. Association members devise and implement game-changing content strategies on behalf of their clients, thereby producing effective content for all types of media.


The COSMO CONSULT Group specialises in the implementation and system management of business software solutions for small and medium-sized and large companies. Our CRM industry solution cc|crm media and publishing for Microsoft Dynamics 365 makes a decisive contribution to successfully meeting future challenges in the media and publishing sector.

Digital Collections Content Systems GmbH

Digital Collections (DC) is an internationally operating technology company based in Hamburg, Germany. DC software is being deployed by more than 180 companies all over the world. Digital Asset Management systems designed to organize and process text, image, audio and video files are DC’s core competence. We make available the data you need in your daily workflow – whether you’re in the office or on the road.


DIGITUS ist das Magazin für Digital Business. Neue Geschäftsmodelle. Technologien und Wirtschaft
DIGITUS ist Cognitive Business. Künstliche Intelligenz. Automation
DIGITUS ist Medien- und Kommunikationstechnologien. Wissenschaft und Forschung.
DIGITUS ist Enterprise Intelligence. Smart Factory. IoT. Connected Life. Future Workplace.
DIGITUS ist Automotive. Handel. Banken. Versicherungen Maschinenbau. Logistik. Energiewirtschaft.
DIGITUS ist Zukunft. Vision. Innovation und Praxis-„Werkstatt\"


For last 16 years our company is developing StoryEditor editorial system which is now regional standard for many newspapers & magazines. This year, beside StoryEditor, we are presenting our integrated digital news portal platform which you can check how it works live in action at our both.


Our platform software \"Publizer\" automates production, marketing, digital distribution and billing processes. Transparent editorial costs make it possible to calculate the unit costs per item and thus create the calculatory basis for a true commerce scenario. The article is the article. We call it cCommerce and thus become the SAP for publishers.

ePublisher BV

ePublisher – The Digital Publishing Platform!
ePublisher is your one-stop digital publishing platform for comprehensive online publishing solutions.

Escenic A/S

Visit the CCI and Escenic stand at B.09 in Hall 21b and get inspired on how to innovate your content. Experience a full demo of CUE and speak with experts within integrated newsrooms and digital transformation. CUE is the content creation platform for a constantly changing media environment, designed in close collaboration with leading media corporations such as WeltN24, McClatchy, Rossel and JP/Politikens Hus. CUE is developed to match the current and future needs of the digital-first newsroom.

evolver media GmbH & Co. KG

The evolver group is the leading IT and software company specialized in the media industry. With the core products evolverOAS (Online Advertising System), evolverCMS (Content Management System), evolverSSO (Single Sign-On + Paywall + Payment) and portals for job, real estate, classifieds and funeral market the evolver group offers the complete range of software products and IT solutions for publishers. The company is independent and therefore never controlled by interests of third parties.

Faktor B.V.

We are a technology company, specialised in advertising and privacy.
We believe in an internet based on value and want to facilitate a fair value exchange between consumers, brands and publishers.
We are offering the following products:
- Consent Management Platform (CMP) for publishers and brands
- Privacy Analytics, a virtual CookieScanner
- Faktor.ID, a universal and decentralised ID


Frameright is an award-winning solution for image publishing that makes sure images look exactly how they are supposed to on all channels and devices.
We offer a web application for efficient image cropping, a cloud service for publishing pipeline integration, and a metadata format for simple interoperability.
Frameright improves image based workflows (faster and cheaper) and helps companies improve the quality of their visual communications.

FUNKINFORM Informations- und
Datentechnik GmbH

Funkinform develops innovative publishing software for the publishing and media industry. Using our cross-media publishing system DIALOG, modern media companies can successfully publish and market their content across all channels. DIALOG has set the benchmark for process optimisation and covers practically the entire value creation chain of media production. Our solutions are used to publish more than 400 newspapers, magazines, weekly papers, websites and mobile media across Europe.

Genscom NV

Genscom is specialized in handling high volume segmented and personalised communication, both in the offline and online arenas. Genscom handles the entire workflow from editorial input, personalised document composing up to and including optimised postal distribution for companies, associations, authorities and individuals!

gogol medien GmbH & Co. KG

For over 35 years, we have been developing tools for newspaper publishers. Our products draw on experiences with over 600 newspapers, news portals with 400 million page views a month and 500,000 authors and editors. As pioneers of cloud-based publishing solutions, we also have a deep understanding of digital matters. Based on this know-how, we accompany leading daily newspapers, advertising newspaper publishers, magazines and corporate publishers on the way into the digital future.


Gründerszene ist eins der führenden Onlinemagazine für die deutsche Startup Szene und Digitalwirtschaft. Mit tagesaktuellen News und Hintergründen, Fach- und Videobeiträgen sowie Analysen, Meinungsartikeln und Reportagen erreicht Gründerszene 1.400.000 (Stand: November 2017) Unique User im Monat und liefert seinen Lesern die interessantesten Informationen über die Branche aus erster Hand. Gründerszene gehört zu der Verlagsmarke Vertical Media GmbH.

Happy Contests
Online Marketing Toolbox

Happy Contests bietet eine Online Marketing Toolbox für Verlage, um ohne Programmierkenntnisse attraktive Online Marketing-Kampagnen zu erstellen, die zu mehr Werbeeinnahmen führen, qualifizierte Leads generieren & interaktive redaktionelle Inhalte für Ihre Leser schaffen.

Beispiele für Tools:
- Gewinnspiele
- Online-Adventskalender
- Fotowettbewerbe
- Quiz
- Wissens- / Persönlichkeitstests
- Tippspiele

Neugierig geworden? Dann besuchen Sie unseren Messestand A14 im DCX-Bereich.


For over 25 years we have provided more than 200 publishing houses of all kinds and sizes with software solutions for the management of advertising, distribution, subscription & logistics, editing, page layout and payroll accounting. We raise potentials by increasing efficiency through individually customised workflow automation. With our new web portals boomtown and lokal einkaufen, we offer publishing houses new opportunities to benefit from the trend of local shopping.

hyScore.io GmbH - the contextual data supplier

hyScore.io is your independent supplier of contextual data. We provide via our RESTful API the “raw material” (contextual data) as a structured and developer friendly JSON response in real-time. We do entity/keyword/text extraction, language detection and website categorization (IAB Taxonomy) for now in 12+ languages. We express the meaning of a website/content in scored and weighted keywords/categories and provide you plenty of additional information. You can use the data to enrich unique user profiles, for target group segmentation, brand safety, environmental analysis, contextual video, ...

iMatrics AB

Few companies possess the knowledge to develop semantic AI from scratch - but we do! iMatrics’ natural language technology automatically classifies categories, subjects, organizations, people, and places in news content, enabling fast and actionable insights for our customers.

Our services utilize the latest research in data mining, natural language processing and AI. With complete knowledge and control of our technology, iMatrics can offer a solution truly tailored to customers’ needs.

Infomaker Scandinavia AB

Infomaker works with solutions for publishing, archiving and distribution of content to the market’s largest media houses and newspapers. With over 250 customers in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Holland, and more than 20 years of line of business experience, we can offer our customers the very best when it comes to publishing, regardless print or digital.


Ingenta is a leading provider of software for publishers. Our systems provide solutions for managing: ad sales and bookings, multi-channel editorial workflow, and our newly announced fake news identification and validation system “Truly” helps ensure all channels have the means to check authenticity of news before it is published.

Integration X A/S

Integration X offers solutions for advertising production and planning.

ADPOINT is the leading solution for ad material management. It automates time-consuming tasks and provides self-service options for delivery, production and proofing of digital and print ad materials.

PLANPOINT offers a modern, highly automated, planning workflow, for display and classified ads.

We offer our solutions through a SaaS model that enables outsourcing and scales with ad volumes in flux.

InterRed GmbH

InterRed: Future Publishing Solutions.

InterRed offers future-proof print, web, app and mobile solutions for publishers, corporate publishing and content marketing. InterRed is one of the leading providers of content management systems (CMS), editorial systems, multi-channel publishing, knowledge management, personalized websites, web analytics and offers print-, web- and mobile-solutions for newspapers, magazines and periodicals, corporate publishing and catalogs.

InVID EU project

InVID (In Video Veritas) is a Horizon 2020 European funded project aiming to help the news industry to verify video content on social networks. With InVID tools, journalists can verify images and videos as well as debunking fake news.

Jeeng Application Ltd

Jeeng AI powered cross-channel messaging platform enables you to send your content to your users based on smart user profiling via push notification to multiple channels.

JJK Gesellschaft für
innovative Verlagssoftware mbH

JJK, the lean management specialist for the newspaper industry, helps publishers to reach Operative Excellence and makes them fit for the future.

With over 180 installations, JJK is one of the leading providers for the publishing branch. Among our customers are daily and weekly newspapers, delivery and distribution companies as well as prepress companies. About 22 millions households in Germany are currently being supplied with newspapers or leaflets that are produced or delivered with JJK.

kress pro
Johann Oberauer GmbH

As a professional companion for professionals, kress pro reports on current events, persons and key figures from the media and communications industry. The readers of kress pro are the top decision-makers in media, marketing departments and agencies.


By transforming the way you deal with information on the web,
semantics can revolutionise your performance. LabSense presents three complementary solutions aiming at maximising and enriching your data, your content, as well as your customer feedback. Read more at https://www.lab-sense.io/

Lineup Systems

Lineup Systems is a leading provider of advertising sales technology. Our cloud-based solution AdPoint is the world’s most preferred end-to-end advertising sales solution that optimises business performance and helps media companies grow ad revenue. Recognised in the FT1000 as one of the fastest growing companies in Europe, customers include Gannett, News UK, Time Inc. UK, News Corp Australia, JP Politikens Hus, Groupe Rossel, Bonnier Corp. and De Persgroep, among others.

Livingdocs AG

Livingdocs is an online service that enables more efficient, output-driven web publishing for both simple and high-end use. It provides
one of the world’s most powerful editing experiences: Visual feedback helps laying out ideas on a web site and re-arranging elements until users feel they are telling a compelling story. We offer on-premise enterprise solutions and a service solution with monthly fees for publishers, corporations and web agencies. Among our clients are NZZ, Swisscom and SZ.

MagLoft Pte. Ltd.

MagLoft is a digital publishing solution for professional publishers to create fully branded apps for iOS, Android, Amazon and Web. MagLoft helps publishers transition from print to digital editions by converting from InDesign to fully-interactive HTML and integrating with existing e-commerce solutions. MagLoft also offers a unique visual drag and drop editor to create responsive and interactive content designed for mobile first and web.

Miles 33 Ltd

Monetise, Publish, Distribute, Automate. These 4 pillars of Miles 33 technology each represent effective solutions for publishers. But when combined, your business will thrive! Visit us at Booth B.05 in hall 21 b and see for yourself how you can effectively embrace Mobile, Web, Print and Broadcast.

MPP Global

MPP Global delivers eSuite, the world’s smartest subscription & billing platform providing publishers with the freedom to monetise digital content and print publications in real time.

eSuite provides next generation print subscription management and accelerates digital revenues, whilst future-proofing infrastructure capability.

With offices throughout the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific, MPP Global has an impressive track record of maximising customer lifetime value.

MSH Medien System Haus GmbH & Co. KG

Das MSH ist eines der führenden IT-Unternehmen in Deutschland für die Medienbranche. Beratungskompetenz und Produkte rund um SAP, SAP IS-Media, Logistik, eCommerce und Managed IT Services.

Multicom GmbH

For over 35 years, we have been developing tools for newspaper publishers. Our products draw on experiences with over 600 newspapers, news portals with 400 million page views a month and 500,000 authors and editors. As pioneers of cloud-based publishing solutions, we also have a deep understanding of digital matters. Based on this know-how, we accompany leading daily newspapers, advertising newspaper publishers, magazines and corporate publishers on the way into the digital future.

Netzpiloten AG

Netzpiloten rank among the digital pioneers in Germany. Currently they are working in Hamburg, Berlin, Lisboa and Barcelona. Their independent magazine netzpiloten.de witnesses the digital revolution for more than 20 years. An extensive portrait as “old-98er” was dedicated to the Netzpiloten by the business magazine brand eins.


As a \"Spotify for News\", Newsadoo is a technology-based eco-system that creates a viable solution for independent, individual news consumption and a working digital business model for publishers.


NEWSCYCLE Solutions is the leading provider of media software in 45 nations. With Media Services Group and Infomaker, we’ve expanded our capabilities in magazines and digital news. Whether you’re looking for a decoupled content approach, a digital advertising solution, Salesforce integration, or to improve media production and sales, our modern, user-friendly platforms can meet your needs. We serve 10,000 news media, broadcast and magazine clients. Visit Booth #C.02 to see how we can serve you.

Newsfactory GmbH

Newsfactory is the specialist for digital publishing and a digital partner of newspaper and magazine publishers. Our portfolio includes the redFACT CMS, the ssoFACT single sign-on system, the storyFACT storytelling system, the tippFACT betting game system, and the registerFACT trade register tool. Services such as consulting, web design and development training are also offered. Web hosting, domain registration and administration as well as providing is also part of the product range.

Newsroom AI

DRIVE PERSONALISED CONTENT EXPERIENCES ACROSS ALL YOUR DIGITAL PROPERTIES. Newsroom AI upgrades your existing mobile-web environment to a beautiful, faster and silently personalised experience, created for an increasingly engaged and demanding audience.

PageSuite Ltd

PageSuite is a leading digital, mobile and tablet publishing company that provides strategic solutions for future-focused publishers. Our speciality lies in working directly with newspaper and magazine publishers to help them deliver engaging content through multiple channels, driving digital revenue and enhancing the end-user experience. We work with over 1,500 clients globally, working with titles including LA Times, Newsday, La Liberte, Mediahuis and many more.

Pimalion (Romulus)

PIMALION® gives you the power to control and manage all your marketing data, your data sourcing, and the way that data adds value to your organization. It is therefore vital to retain the right information and to incorporate it effectively into a clear and efficient structure.


PlayPlay is the simplest social clip creator! For Community Managers and Editors with no technical skills; Create videos in one minute; Embrace the video revolution & boost your social performance.

ppi Media GmbH

As a market leader for software solutions in publishing, ppi Media accompanied the changes in the media industry for more than 30 years. We offer services & products which cover the full range of relevant publishing processes from planning a publication & producing ads to automatic page production & optimized print form production. Our editorial system Content-X is a real cross-medial publishing tool linking the traditional print channel with popular digital platforms such as Facebook & Twitter.


International company focused on software development for news companies.
Protecmedia offers to Publishers a global solution, in order to manage new digital business, new revenues, while also boosting traditional sources of income.
• Global management of contents and their multichannel publication
• Global management of multichannel Advertising
• Global management of audiences, digital subscription, paywalls, newsstands, distribution
• Integrating CRM solutions
• SaaS-Cloud

Publisher’s Toolbox

A selection of publishing products for the digital world.

Publishing Exhibition GmbH & Co KG

Publishing Exhibition GmbH & Co. KG is an organizer of international exhibitions and conventions. We plan, organize and establish trade exhibitions in Germany and abroad. We are the organizers of IFRA - World Publishing Expo & DCX Digital Content Expo.
Do you want to exhibit or have a suggestion for us? Do you want to learn more about us and our events? Are you interested in the career opportunities at Publishing Exhibition? Then come and visit us in the Publishing Exhibition lounge. Let’s meet up and talk!


Pugpig is the mobile publishing platform that powers over 300 titles for the world’s biggest names in publishing, from The Economist, The Sun, The Evening Standard and Metro to Vogue, Wired, Men’s Health and GQ.
Come and see us to find out how you can use Pugpig to drive up audience engagement and better exploit the value of your content.
We’re so much more than digital editions...

Qiota SAS

Qiota is a saas platform for advanced paywall management and content monetization. The Qiota modules make it possible to enrich three key indicators as part of a freemium strategy for winning subscriptions:
- Conversion with a flexible paywall: traffic segmentation and adapted paywall, based on more than 10 variables: visits, origins, devices, tags, urls, time and day of the week, etc.,
- Profiling with a user account management via API and SSO
- Monetization with credit card and e-sepa

Qualifio SA

Qualifio is Europe’s leading online platform to engage digital audiences and collect data by creating and publishing viral interactions on the web. Interactive Marketing & Data Collection Made Easy

sabris aktiengesellschaft

sabris ag specializes in innovative add-ons for publishing: geomarketing and fee processing. Applications for the optimization of logistics, subscriber acquisition for advertisement sales and brochure sales are offered.
An easy-to-use and ready-to-run cloud solution is offered too. The fee essing is now available web-based for fast and efficient billing of free & employed editors.

Sixide Wave Kft.

SIXIDE is an interactive 3D advertising solution which is perfectly suitable for business messages to be effectively relayed in case of 3D banners.

We believe the interaction in the advertising banners will increase UX and user engagement besides will increase the CTR.
With our template based editor you can create interactive and playable surfaces even from your current banners in minutes.

- 3D object and video
- html5 adserver compatibility

Sourcefabric GmbH

Sourcefabric is Europe’s largest developer of open source tools for news media. Headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, Sourcefabric brings together minds from all corners of the globe to promote media development through the creation of open source software. Superdesk, Live Blog and Airtime.

Superskills Oy

Superskills - The Media Matchmaker - is a mobile optimized online service, that makes comparing and buying media solutions as convenient and fast, as booking a holiday online.


Swanest is specialised in automated investment technology and helps business media to innovate their market data sections. To do so, we offer a set of API services, such as a portfolio tracking tool with automated analysis and plugins to provide quantitative insights on financial data. These services increase user engagement, support the personalisation of ads and strengthen paid subscriptions.

Talea Solutions Oy

Our ambition is to transform media sales and buying to make life easier for media companies and advertisers. With Talea platform and our lean sales model we can help you to make your media sales & buying process much more efficient.


Tecnavia is a leading supplier of digital publishing solutions offering an engaging reading experience across all platforms. Tecnavia offers more than an e-Edition with its full range of innovative products: Native/RSS/Event Apps, e-Commerce, e-Archive, Metered Paywall, Single Sign-On, Website design and CMS and many advertising opportunities. With over 19 years experience in e-publishing, we process and manage 1700+ magazines and newspapers around the globe and over 8 million pages per year.

textOmatic AG

textOmatic AG offers automated text generation as a template-based technology that is based on AI techniques. Reports for weather, finance, sport and events as well as product descriptions and business reports can be generated in next to real time as unique texts in multiple languages. In the frame of Google´s Digital News Initiative (DNI), textOmatic is sponsored as one of the large size projects in Germany.

The European Sting

The European Sting is the online, Brussels based, European media that
was born to bring a different critical and truly independent angle to European
News. We are treating daily in a unique way European Politics, Economics,
Foreign Affairs, Business and ICT Agenda. Tired of reading the basics?

TypoServ Gesellschaft für Satz und Druck mbH

TypoServ specialises in the production of ads for newspapers and magazines for publishing houses throughout Germany and Switzerland. Located in Saarbrücken, the Company has more than 50 highly qualified personnel who work around the clock on seven days a week. It produces some 240,000 ads and optimises 150,000 newsphotos annually, with complaints quota of 0.1 percent. Layout, make-up as well as the production of all types of commercial print jobs and digital ads complete the company portfolio.

Utopia Analytics Oy

Utopia Analytics is the world-leading text analytics company. We provide tools and services that enable our customers to analyse text content automatically.


Viqeo is an all-new video platform for text-first websites. Platform seamlessly integrates video into text and makes reading engaging as never before.


Voconaut is an augmented reality audio solution that revolutionizes the way articles are delivered and experienced. Stories are rethought as audio that integrates to the city and reacts to the user’s actions. With Voconaut, you can deliver a customer experience that’s designed to be deeper, more personal and modern than anything your competitors can offer. User engagement plays a key role in the media landscape of tomorrow. We are creating a new sub-industry. You’re welcome to join us.


WAN-IFRA is the World Association of Newspapers and News Media. It represents more than 18,000 publications, 15,000 online sites as well as more than 3000 news publishing companies in 120 countries. WAN-IFRA’s mission is to defend and promote press freedom worldwide the newspaper industry worldwide, promote quality journalism and editorial integrity. WAN-IFRA offers its members a broad spectrum of specialised events, publications and research reports. It is also the worldwide platform for ideas, information and experience.

wingu GmbH

wingu – proximity platform

Content on mobile devices via push, app or web
For your location-based services and interactions

Beacon, Eddystone, Geofence, QR-Code, NFC-Tag: With wingu it’s very easy to get proximity technologies working. You create content for location-based services and distribute it to your apps and webapplications. Multilanguage content. Content time scheduler. Integration of third party applications. No programming skills required.

WoodWing Software BV

WoodWing Software are global leaders in automating and streamlining the publishing process. Driving the future of content creation through intelligent software solutions, visit their stand to discover how to achieve your most efficient editorial workflow yet.

WoodWing’s products, Enterprise and Elvis Digital Asset Management, break down the silos between digital and print, allowing publishers to create, tweak and share exceptional stories across many channels with a click of the button.

We our Global Premium Media Partners

Die PressehvgJP Politiken HusSüddeutsche ZeitungThe New York Times

We our Partners

CMFFachverband Medienproduktion e.V. (f:mp.)FDI - Fachverband der  Druckindustrie und Informationsverarbeitung e.V.

DCX News Update

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