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13 – 14 October 2021 Arena Berlin
Matthieu Stefani

Matthieu Stefani




Matthieu Stefani has been a tech entrepreneur since 2005. He has founded 10+ companies and is the CEO of CosaVostra, a French innovation consulting company which helps large media outlets build cutting-edge digital projects.
In 2017, Matthieu Stefani launched Generation Do It Yourself (www.gdiy.fr), one of the most popular independent podcasts in France, which is listened to 300 000 times each month. In this weekly conversational podcast, he talks to entrepreneurs artists, athletes, politicians with one goal in mind: “to learn from the best and share it to the greatest number of people”. He also hosts a second podcast on its path to success, La Martingale, which focuses on personal finance in a new and surprising way.
In his quest to democratize podcasting, Matthieu Stefani founded the podcast incubator Big Bang Media, launched in March 2019, which has already helped over 30 podcasters. He is also the co-founder of the startup studio Padrino.io, which has launched Ouiflash.com, Obarbershop.com, Yoburo.com, and Juripay.com. A champion of ideas, he constantly feeds his skills by staying on top of new digital trends and tactics to create quality and efficient digital content, with an eye for beauty and an eye for ROI.

Vortrag EN

Breaking the code of Podcasting

09.10.2019 10:45 - 11:30, Content Services and Content Marketing Stage
Matthieu Stefani is the founder and host of the most successful business podcast in France. With almost nothing - a macbook, a recorder and two mics - this tech entrepreneur launched “Generation Do It Yourself” in 2017. Two years later, his podcast episodes are listened to 300 000 times a month, yielding 25 000 euros in monthly revenue. To share best practices, he now runs an incubator which helps podcasters grow, develop innovative content and identify new monetization opportunities.
In this talk, Matthieu Stefani provides informed insights on how to break the codes of podcasting. As the podcast race is in full swing, with huge growth forecasts, he challenges the way traditional media think about audio content. He explains the concept of “frugal production” and why it’s a competitive advantage in the podcast jungle. You will learn about:

How to produce a podcast in just half a day

How to create great audio content with low investments

How to identify your strengths and weaknesses before starting your podcast

How to bring added value to your content

Why subscription is key and a big challenge for traditional media

Monetization and the power of “host read ads” (and how to do it in a smart way)

This digital and innovation expert gives efficient and down-to-earth tips to produce content that is not only engaging and smart, but also profitable. So keep your ears open.

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