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13 – 14 October 2021 Arena Berlin
Ksenia Anikeeva

Ksenia Anikeeva

Head of Yandex Metrica

Yandex LLC


Ksenia has been leading Yandex.Metrica, the world third-biggest analytical system, since 2018. She has long dreamed of creating a content analytics product which could dramatically flatten the learning curve for editorial teams who wish to get insights based on data. And she was able to finally fulfill that dream at Yandex.Metrica.
Apart from Yandex.Metrica, Ksenia has an extensive 9-year experience as a product manager and marketer for digital products with milions-strong user base, like Yandex.Maps API, Rambler analytical tools, and others.
She is a lecturer and a regular speaker at international events, like Superweek or MeasureCamp unconference for analysts.
Vortrag EN

What’s the currency of media success? Developing analytic tools for publishers

09.10.2019 16:00 - 16:45, DCX Stage
Every publisher benefits from quick and smart editorial decisions. In today's fast-paced tech environment, it's crucial that those decisions are supported by data, and not intuition. If you can create your own analytics solution, use a ready-made paid service, or hire a team of analytists, all well and good. But what if you can't — or just are not ready to invest heavily?
We at Yandex.Metrica believe that analytics should be affordable and accessible for everyone. That's why we've built a content analytics tool which is comprehensive, but still very simple to use — and available free, with no limits whatsoever.
In my talk, I'll cover major challenges associated with content analytics, and how we at Yandex.Metrica are working to solve them.

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