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13 – 14 October 2021 Arena Berlin
Dean Roper

Dean Roper


Konferenz EN

Automation and innovation

08.10.2019 13:30 - 14:30, Conference Stage
  • 13:30 - 14:00 | Morten Wickstrøm,
    Schibsted, Head of Business Development and Head of Print Innovation Norway

    Single-copy sale in a digital world

    Description:With butikk.vg.no we try to challenge some of the existing truths in the media business. By combining excellent editorial content with home-deliveries and high relevance and timing in marketing, we have established a new source of revenue for printed products in a digital world.

  • 14:00 - 14:30 | Martin Schmidt,
    Bereichsleiter IT (CIO), Berlin Last Mile GmbH

    and Jyri Vanninen,
    Project Manager, Anygraaf Oy

    Berlin Last Mile meets future demands with CDProfit (erfüllt mit CDProfit zukünftige Anforderungen)

    Description:New system had to meet the following requirements: Minimum wage conform and salary preparation for all agencies, meet new business demands by handling addressed products as well as unaddressed, standardized delivery portal and electronic delivery book, tracking/monitoring through control points (GPS) and electronic customer confirmation of delivery, analyze tours and make quantity/time adjustments, complaint management and quality control, key management, modular, flexible and intuitive to use.
    Aims of the talk:Transition is still underway, but we already can foresee that all our needs will be met, as well as change request that have occurred during the project. - Divide project into small manageable modules and involve users during all stages of the project, plan generously.

  • Keynotes DE

    Kreativ zerstören! Wie die News-Branche im Internet-Zeitalter erfolgreich sein kann

    08.10.2019 15:30 - 16:00, Conference Stage
    Oliver Eckert stellt in seinem Vortrag ein Konzept vor, das seinem Unternehmen BurdaForward (u.a. FOCUS Online und CHIP) hilft, im digitalen Wandel erfolgreich zu sein. Anhand vieler Praxis-Beispiele zeigt er neue Wege in die Zukunft. Er ist überzeugt, dass es noch Hoffnung für traditionelle Nachrichtenmedien gibt, wenn sie einige mutige Entscheidungen treffen und ihre eigenen Fehler anerkennen.
    Vortrag EN

    Innovations in news publishing

    08.10.2019 13:00 - 13:30, Conference Stage
    The field of media is witnessing a lot of dynamics. It is essential to take up innovations from the industry and to realize them target-oriented for the particular company. But: What exactly are innovations? How do they work - or not? Media innovations are in the core of the lecture. In which ways, decisions for innovations are taken, in which ways innovation processes work and what are requirements for the success of innovations? Which challenges have to be faced – and in which ways it is possible for a newsroom to work innovatively? International research results are presented. But the question is, in which way academic research can give impulses for the daily work in the newsroom? How is it possible how to deal with innovations in a way that they help to reach the particular aims of the company?
    Konferenz EN

    CONPT presentation

    09.10.2019 10:30 - 11:30, Conference Stage
    About 30 delegates of the Japanese newspaper technology association CONPt are visiting IFRA and DCX 2019 to get information about the development of technologies and working practises of the newspaper industry in Europe.

    CONPT membership consists of publishers and suppliers.CONPT stands for “Conference for Newspaper Production Technique-Japan”. The objective is to work together for the improvement and advancement of newspaper production technology. The association was founded in May 1975.

    CONPT will have an seminar session on the Conference Stage with WAN-IFRA’s Dean Roper and Manfred Werfel about the latest World Press Trends and print developments.

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