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Manage the flood of information
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Manage the flood of information: DCX launches new “Content Services” exhibition area

We are expanding our portfolio: For the first time the DCX Expo will include an area dedicated to “Content Services” that will also have its own stage. This term is used to describe solutions and services that companies can use to manage the growing flood of information in a way that is automated, safe and in conformity with the law. Partners are the heads of the leading XING groups on topics concerning content and information management as well as publishers, media & publishing.

Legislation such as the GDPR and other compliance regulations are at present among the greatest challenges facing businesses. There is an increasing urgency to safely manage electronic contents. It is not just publishing companies and news publishers that are concerned, but organisations operating in all branches of industry that produce, receive, evaluate, use, store and archive electronic information. 

Our new exhibition area brings together all products and services for managing the growing flood of information. In addition, in order to underpin the exhibitors' offerings for this sector, information on trends in content services will be presented in lectures presented on a special stage.

We have succeeded in securing high-profile experts as partners for the launch into this new area, in particular Dr. Ulrich Kampffmeyer of PROJECT CONSULT who has already developed the topic of information management for exhibitions such as “DMS Expo” and “IT & Business” as well as for industry associations. Nico Rehmann, Head of the XING Ambassador Group "Content Management" and Director of asioso GmbH, as well as Johannes F. Woll, responsible for the XING Ambassador Groups "Media & Publishing" and "Publishing and Media" and Director of Social Event GmbH, will broaden the programme by including topics for media makers, such as new business models, omni-channel, mobile, smart data or the interconnection of various software systems.

From content administration and Big Data to Artificial Intelligence

The Gartner research and advisory company sees new developments in the market for information management solutions: According to this company, content services serve as platforms for applications and components for the management of structured and unstructured information. Modern technologies such as Big Data, Blockchain, Analytics, Mobile, Cloud and Artficial Intelligence, are expanding existing approaches towards document, enterprise content and information management. This also includes traditional areas such as scanning, archiving, electronic files, workflow and records management.

Content services are at the same time service offerings for the preparation, publication and recording of digital content, independent of whether on public websites, intranets or E-Commerce platforms. This part of the content services industry offers support in the design, production and distribution of contents. But software and systems are also increasingly coming under the service heading. The suitable service offering for customer portals, processing invoices, signing, converting, publishing and storing builds the bridge between existing in-house solutions and cloud offerings as well as external, outsourced content services applications.

With the “Content Services” area, we, in addition to media companies and news publishers, address also content marketing agencies, content management providers as well as decision-makers from the technology departments of companies in other industries. The new exhibition area is aimed especially at Managing Directors and CEOs, CIOs, IT managers, Organisation Managers, Records Managers, Auditors and persons working in legal departments as well as suppliers of solutions and systems who are seeking partners for a services-oriented concept for customer solutions.

Various content services are important for publishers:

  • Solutions for compliance, information processing, knowledge management, rights management, storage of commercial documents
  • Solutions for information processing, such as automatic translation, abstracting, format processing for electronic media, modularising content for different channels, multi-channel information distribution
  • Solutions with partners and the public to provide contents, joint work on contents, review and peer review process platforms, discussion platforms

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