“We need to collect less data, but the right data” 22.08.2017

With digitisation in news media, publishers have a huge pool of data right at hand. But which data really serve to drive the business? How can we make a distinction? An interview with data management experts from NRC Media in Amsterdam.

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Every brand needs to find its own model 21.08.2017

We measure success in terms of relevance, reach and results," says Donata Hopfen, Publishing Director and Head of Management Board of BILD Group (Axel Springer). In this interview, she discusses among other things how BILD characterises their collaboration with Facebook.

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Why advertising spend on newspapers is below effective weight 15.08.2017

Recently Sir Martin Sorrell pointed out the flaws of the digital media ecosystem. Ulbe Jelluma, Managing Director of PrintPower Europe, takes up the story and identifies sources of potential competitive advantages for newspapers.

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These companies are committed to diversification and individualisation in advertising 15.08.2017

Newspaper publishers, battered by the effects of disruption, are looking for new business models to help them stand up to digitisation. Diversification offers one possibility. This is evident also in the advertising sector, as the following three product innovations of our exhibiters show.

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World in Motion @Quartz: sponsored-content on a higher level 14.08.2017

In 2015, Quartz launched General Electric's World in Motion. For this sponsored-content project the Atlantic Media's business news site received the World Digital Media Award in the category “Best digital Advertising Campaign”.

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Support digital as a matter of life and death 02.08.2017

This is a fascinating and difficult time for the news industry. In times of rapid changes, people rely on information they can trust and that helps them understand what's happening in the world. Despite considerable pessimism about the future of journalism, we have the opportunity to create our future.

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