“Yesterday was about technologies, tomorrow about experiences” 13.09.2017

Good news for the news industry: With nearly 20 tech innovators the Start-up Park at the DCX is fully booked. We talked to Aude Pilleron, “Happy Ambassador” at Pandasuite, one of the first movers of the DCX Start-up Park, about future technologies for news publishing.

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Expect Expo to exhibit an array of opportunity 12.09.2017

Visitors to IFRA World Publishing Expo and DCX Digital Content Expo in Berlin will be looking for a wide variety of different solutions and products for their publishing houses, and those potential investments will undoubtedly be shaped by today's leading trends.

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Artificial Intelligence conquers the news and content market 06.09.2017

Several providers at the DCX will present AI solutions: This is a core indicator that Artificial Intelligence is about to conquer the domain of generating, personalising and filtering content. Star newcomers such as Element AI will join us in Berlin.

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Make Publishing Successful 05.09.2017

Information flow in social media, fake news, hate comments – never were professional media more important than today. But for well-researched, multimedia news, newspapers and news publishers need first and foremost: economic success.

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“Once you have traffic, revenue will follow” 31.08.2017

“As time is becoming our only limited resource, video is the medium of the day”, says Michael Jaschke, CEO of glomex, a global and open marketplace for premium video content. We challenged his opinion in the following interview with our keynote at the IFRA / DCX.

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Paid digital content is in the cards at The Hindu 25.08.2017

In the Indian newspaper market, which is dominated by an advertising-led approach, The Hindu is transforming its 138-year old organization by means of a reader-centric, print-led, technology-enabled model. Leading the upstream swim at one of the country's most respected media organizations is Rajiv C. Lochan, Managing Director and CEO of Kasturi & Sons Ltd.

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